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Chris Brown Album out Today!

The day that team breezy has been waiting for is finally here!! Chris Browns’s new album F.A.M.E. is in stores today!  The bad thing is Chris Brown allegedly smashed a window after he did an interview with GOOD MORNING AMERICA’S Robin Roberts.  Chris wanted to focus on his album F.A.M.E. but Robin was more interested in the Chris and Rihanna saga. Robin asked question over and over about him and Rihanna, although Chris Brown tried to change the subject. reported that Chris went back to his dressing room after the interview and used a chair to smash and window sending shards of glass flying to 43rd Street. I think Robin was wrong for asking all these old questions that Chris has answered a million times, but Chris needs to learn to control his anger. Chris has to realize that people are more interested in controversy than anything else. Chris cannot get mad every time these types of questions arise.  I think Chris should have just said, “Robin I am here to talk about my album, if you wanted to talk about that old stuff you could sent me a direct message on twitter!” If Robin continued to talk about him and Rihanna I would have just got up and left instead of breaking a window….. Chris the next time you in ATL, me and you need to hang out so I can teach you how to deal with rude people…..Its a learning process, trust me I know! 

Anywayz lets take a look at the track listing from Chris Brown’s new album:


1. Deuces (ftTyga & Kevin McCall)

2. Up 2 You

3. No Bulls**t

4. Look At Me Now (ft Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes)

5. She Ain’t You

6. Say It With Me

7. Yeah 3x

8. Next 2 You (ft Justin Bieber)

9. All Back

10. Wet The Bed (ft Ludacris)

11. Oh My Love

12. Should’ve Kissed You

13. Beautiful People (ft Benny Benassi)

Deluxe Version (4 added tracks)

14. Bomb (ft Wiz Khalifa)

15. Love Them Girls (ft Game)

16. Paper, Scissors, Rock (ft Big Sean & Timbaland)

17. Beg For It

You can read more on more: Chris Brown Unveils F.A.M.E Tracklisting | Necole


Are you feeling Chris Brown’s Blonde Hair?

Chris Brown is getting ready to debut his new album F.A.M.E. As we know, when any celebrity is about to release their album sometimes they resort to doing some crazy and foolish things for publicity. Chris Brown recently dyed his hair blonde.  I personally don’t think it looks bad. As soon as I saw Chris with this blonde hair I was thinking I bet a lot of guys about to start dying their hair LOL….. I guess we need to start calling him BREEZY MONROE!

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