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 I got a chance to kick back from my busy schedule and watch the BET AWARDS last night. The awards were ok, however again BET did disappoint me because some things were below standards.  Many of the performers were very low and their voices were so shaky and so diffrent from the actual song. I guess noone can point the finger at BET though because some of the talent couldn’t actually perform. I will give a review of some of the performances last night (in no specific order)

First let start with the host, comedian Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, was an okay host. He is usually funnier when he is doing his own stand-up comedy, however I think he did an overall good job.  Kevin started the show with a stomp the yard type routine which he peformed with he group of youngsters that were almost the same height as him LOL.  Kevin did not hold back his comments on any of the star that attented the awards.  For example, Kevin made comments about Neyo’s head,  Rick Ross’ chest,  P.Diddy being to old to have nickname, and Jaden Smith’s leopard tight pants!  I would have like to see Kevin Hart and Lil Duval host the show together, or Lil Duval and Charlamagne Tha God, now that would be funny!!!

Mary J Blige

Mary did ok, but she usually really delivers in the voice department! She looked amazing as usually, however her voice did not sound as great. I really like Mary and I am not discrediting her singing ability, but she was just not at her best last night. She did manage to hit some high notes, but nothing compared to her past performances.  Like I said earlier, she did look great and her body looks amazing!!! I dont know maybe last night was just  a bad night for Miss Blige!

Kelly Rowland

In my opinion Kelly Rowland was one of the best performers of the night! Her voice sounded amazing and she looked amazing! I don’t think anyone was thinking about Beyonce or Destiny Child when Kelly and Trey hit the stage! Kelly completely owned the stage and showed that Mrs. Carter is not the only former member of Destiny Childs that can get down and show out!  I just hope Kelly can follow up with another song as successful as “Motivation” cause she cant keep sining that one for the next 2 years. Continue reading ‘2011 BET AWARDS REVIEW’


The Group Mindless Behavior is dope!

I am a fan of the group MINDLESS BEHAVIOR, there song MY GIRL is always on repeat, the tune is just really catchy! I hope that his group can stay together and continue to be good friends, because I dont want to see them end up like B2K!! I think MINDLESS BEHAVIOR is a little more organized than B2k though…. 


Kevin Hart likes to smell his underwear!

Check Out what he tweeted a while back



This is an old throwback YouTube video that makes me laugh every time I hear it.  Check it out below:



miss sophia fired from v103!!!

V-103 has not renewed the contract of Miss Sophia (nee Joe Taylor), who was part of the Frank and Wanda morning show.

In an interview today, Miss Sophia said he wasn’t given any real reason why the station chose to drop him beyond “we want to go in a different direction.” That’s the equivalent of saying, “It’s not you, it’s me” in personal relationships.

Miss Sophia was the first drag queen to be a regular on Atlanta radio. He spent more than four years at V-103 doing the entertainment report when Frank and Wanda remained the dominant No. 1 show in the city.

His closer has become a classic: “When I talk, you talk, we talk, that’s girrrrrl talk on the people’s station, V to the 103.” He trills the “three” with gusto.

“I’m not shocked,” Miss Sophia said. He said he saw the signs that things were coming to an end but didn’t get into details. (I’m in New York today and he was leaving town, so we’ll try to meet next week and talk in more detail.)

I left messages with Frank Ski and Wanda Smith. No responses yet.

“I’m emotionally okay,” Miss Sophia said. “I’m going to weigh my options. I can do movies. I can do TV. I can do radio.”

“I grew as a person,” he added. “I learned a lot. I met a lot of people and appreciate the relationships I built. But I’m excited about the future, too.” I think everyone will miss Miss Sophia on the Frank and Wanda Morning Show! From what I have read, Miss Sophia was the only reason alot of people listened to the show! Hopefully she can  get back on her feet and find her place at another radio show!



Groupie Kat Stacks gets slapped!


Kat Stacks is the groupie that has exposed all the rappers that she has been with, from Bow Wow to Jay Rock to Nelly.  This time Kat Stacks  seemed to be in a restaurant minding her own business when some guys rolled up on her! Check out the video for yourself!

Check out what Kat Stacks tweeted below in response to her attackers


Were you all feeling Chris Brown’s new video?

Chris Brown didn’t hold back at all on this video! This is a whole different side that the world is not use to seeing! Do you think Chris Brown went a little too far in the video? Check it out for yourself below!


Are shoe pants going to be the new thing now?

Alot of people may have been stunned when Mel B went to E! Television’s 20th anniversary because her shoes were her pants! Also A list actor Will Smith’s daughter was seen wearing her converse pants shoes to the 2010 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards! Will you be buying some?


Ice Cube goes on 106 and Park and Rosci tries to talk slick!

Ice Cube went on 106 and Park yesterday to talk about his new movie “Lottery Ticket” and his new show that is coming out on TBS, as soon as he gets on the stage Rosci says ” You must have not stepped outside today, its like 80 degrees and you got on a hoodie!” As you know Ice cube gone come right back and snap on you real quick, his reply was, “You know I’m Ice Cube I keep it cool so don’t worry about it!!” LMAO!!! Rocsi first of all that is rude to say to someone! How about whats up Cube? How you doing? to start off your conversations! Plus when Rick Ross and dem be coming on there with those hot azz leather jackets you don’t say that to them!


Funny response to the D##K slang video!


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