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 I got a chance to kick back from my busy schedule and watch the BET AWARDS last night. The awards were ok, however again BET did disappoint me because some things were below standards.  Many of the performers were very low and their voices were so shaky and so diffrent from the actual song. I guess noone can point the finger at BET though because some of the talent couldn’t actually perform. I will give a review of some of the performances last night (in no specific order)

First let start with the host, comedian Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, was an okay host. He is usually funnier when he is doing his own stand-up comedy, however I think he did an overall good job.  Kevin started the show with a stomp the yard type routine which he peformed with he group of youngsters that were almost the same height as him LOL.  Kevin did not hold back his comments on any of the star that attented the awards.  For example, Kevin made comments about Neyo’s head,  Rick Ross’ chest,  P.Diddy being to old to have nickname, and Jaden Smith’s leopard tight pants!  I would have like to see Kevin Hart and Lil Duval host the show together, or Lil Duval and Charlamagne Tha God, now that would be funny!!!

Mary J Blige

Mary did ok, but she usually really delivers in the voice department! She looked amazing as usually, however her voice did not sound as great. I really like Mary and I am not discrediting her singing ability, but she was just not at her best last night. She did manage to hit some high notes, but nothing compared to her past performances.  Like I said earlier, she did look great and her body looks amazing!!! I dont know maybe last night was just  a bad night for Miss Blige!

Kelly Rowland

In my opinion Kelly Rowland was one of the best performers of the night! Her voice sounded amazing and she looked amazing! I don’t think anyone was thinking about Beyonce or Destiny Child when Kelly and Trey hit the stage! Kelly completely owned the stage and showed that Mrs. Carter is not the only former member of Destiny Childs that can get down and show out!  I just hope Kelly can follow up with another song as successful as “Motivation” cause she cant keep sining that one for the next 2 years. Continue reading ‘2011 BET AWARDS REVIEW’


Are celebs showing more skin to gain fans?

Being a celeb these days and keeping your popularity is kind of hard, with so many new celebs coming out each day, it’s so easy to get over looked! It seems as if a lot of stars have started to show more skin, such as album sales are low, then how about taking one of those famous bathroom pics to remind your fans what they are missing……Some may say this is a good tactic to lure fans and others may say otherwise! Below we have Teyana Taylor, Lloyd, Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Oryan, and Omarion. All 6 of these stars seem to stay popular even though they are not doing anything really mainstream..!!! You may say “How is this??” well your guess is as good as mines!!!


Do these two look alike?

This is R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan and Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj? Do you think these two bare a resemblance to each other?



2010 BET AWARDS !!!!!


  • Pre-Show The preshow to the BET Awards was pretty good with great acts like Mishon, Dondria, Roscoe Dash, Souljaboy etc. Even though there was some good performances, their also was some shaky ones too LMAO I wont say who though!
  • Host- The Hose of the 2010 BET AWARDS was THE QUEEN, LATIFAH that is! She was awesome as the host and even changed clothes between  performances into famous characters that she has played like CLeo in SET IT OFF!
  • Knock Out Performances- My favorite performances of the night were Kayne West who performed on a mountain type set, Janelle Monae’s performance, Chris Brown’s tearful tribute to Michael Jackson, T.I.’s performance was pretty dope, and Diddy’s performance with Nicki Minaj and of course my homie Monica!

Kayne West who had been M.I.A. since he dissed Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and TI who had been recently released from prison both received standing ovations from the audience!

Chris Brown was finally able to do his long awaited Michael Jackson tribute! Chris was able to get through about 4 mins of his performance (which If I may say so myself was so dope!!) before he broke down into tears trying to sing MICHAEL JACKSON’S hit song “MAN IN THE MIRROR”!   “I want to say one thing, I let you down before but I won’t ever again, I promise,” said Brown as he accepted the AOL Fandemonium Award.

Keys showed off her baby bump as she accepted the Best Female R&B Artist Award and performed a medley of her hits.

Keys and Jay-Z, who did not attend the show, were picked for Best Collaboration for their song “Empire State of Mind.”

Other winners included Trey Songz, who won Best Male R&B Artist; Nicki Minaj, Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, and Beyoncé and Lady Gaga for Best Video of the Year for their song “Telephone.”

Prince received a Lifetime Achievement Award and was serenaded by Patti LaBelle, Keys and others with a medley of his songs.! Check out some of my favorite picture from the gallery below and I even rated a few of the celebs outfits hot or not!! Check it out!!

I must say BET stepped it up this year! Shout out to Debra Lee!!!



Karate Kid Review!

Karate Kid was a pretty interesting movie for the most part! Jaden Smith proves again that he definitely caught the acting bug from his movie star father Will Smith, Jaden’s acting was right on point and it was believable. I believed that Taraji P. Henson was Jaden’s mother, their chemistry on-screen was remarkable! Though the movie had phenomenal actors I felt as though it took to long to get into the action! I was like I see the KID but where is the Karate? LOL When the movie finally did get into the plot the fight sequences were amazing! Also from what I hear Jaden Smith did all of his own stunts! So overall I would give this movie 3 stars    


Can you guess these Celebs?

Check out the gallery below and leave comments on who you think they are?


Where Is Gerren Taylor?

We all know Gerren from Baldwin Hills on BET, but where has she been latley?


J-Boog Interviewed by Sen1989!!

Sen1989: Thanks so much Boog for taking time to sit down with me for this exclusive interview, I know your a busy man.

1. Sen1989: Happy Belated Birthday, you just turned 24, how does it feel? Do you feel old LOL ?

1. Actually 24 was the year I’ve been waitin for.. I notice that most artists whose had early fame and took a break normally return at the average age of 24… Idk I just feel like a totally different person.. Like I could see the light in which the direct I was heading and then tunnel vision just kicked in and Now I can’t see anything else but where it is I’m goin.. I get what I’m playin for now..

2. Sen1989:I know you have been rapping, singing and dancing since you were eight, How did you get started in the music industry?

2. Like most artists it starts at a young age and for me it started with me and my older cousin dancin in the garage and for family, to my aunt havin hair shows and fashion shows where I would open up the shows, To meetin a lady named Keisha Gamble who wanted me to audition for her group.. From there I auditioned and met the guys and we were on our grind.. Alot in between but that’s the brief story..

3. Sen1989: The music your doing now is so different from B2k’s style. How has your musical style changed since then?

3. Well back then we were young teens who were just excited to be workin and then we weren’t apart of which records were pick or recorded so it wasn’t totally our sound.. Now when fizzo and myself pick records we approach the situation like ” IS this something I would listen to MYSELF” and second does it really get across who we are as people.. That’s what changes our music to what it is now.. No gimics just us.. I like the Night Life album more than any other album I’ve been apart of..

4. Sen1989: In 2004 you and Fizz started your own record label “Fizz and Boog Inc”. How has this new endeavor been going for you?

Well actually the group name was Fizz and Boog Inc.. the label name is Popular Ent. Everything is lookin up for the company ,the Fizz and Boog project will be the first act off the label partnered with Arsenal Records which is Max Gousse company who originally signed B2K.. So I would say for a new company we’re happy with where we are.. It’s all goin great!

5. Sen1989: Recently I seen these clips on you tube where you, fizz, and Raz-b were going to do a reality show? Can you tell me more about this?

We was shootin it but a tape was put out that put everything on hold..

6. Sen1989: I’ve read that you now have 2 kids, Anaia and Jarell. What is it like for Mr.Boog to be a father?

It’s cool not as bad as people make it out to be.. I love my babies

7. Sen1989: Whats up next for a talented young man like yourself? I know you have the album coming out Called “Nightlife”, can you tell us more about that?

Yea we have the Night Life album comin and it’s gonna shock a lot of people.. The album has everything u need when dealing with a Night Life scenario.. Couple titles for u.. “Tell Me Wassup” Come Wit Me” Empty Bottles” I mean it’s crazy.. And it’s not all about bein in the club or booty.. We spreaded it out and created a movie for u.. This could be the soundtrack to ur movie like night.

Sen1989: Thanks so much man for taking time to this interview, we all appreciate it!


Willie from Day26 Nude?

Not to long ago nude pictures surfaced of Will from Day 26…..Will has denied that these pictures are true and has said, ” That is him in the picture but the other parts were photoshopped in.”  You can see the picture at:

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