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 I got a chance to kick back from my busy schedule and watch the BET AWARDS last night. The awards were ok, however again BET did disappoint me because some things were below standards.  Many of the performers were very low and their voices were so shaky and so diffrent from the actual song. I guess noone can point the finger at BET though because some of the talent couldn’t actually perform. I will give a review of some of the performances last night (in no specific order)

First let start with the host, comedian Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, was an okay host. He is usually funnier when he is doing his own stand-up comedy, however I think he did an overall good job.  Kevin started the show with a stomp the yard type routine which he peformed with he group of youngsters that were almost the same height as him LOL.  Kevin did not hold back his comments on any of the star that attented the awards.  For example, Kevin made comments about Neyo’s head,  Rick Ross’ chest,  P.Diddy being to old to have nickname, and Jaden Smith’s leopard tight pants!  I would have like to see Kevin Hart and Lil Duval host the show together, or Lil Duval and Charlamagne Tha God, now that would be funny!!!

Mary J Blige

Mary did ok, but she usually really delivers in the voice department! She looked amazing as usually, however her voice did not sound as great. I really like Mary and I am not discrediting her singing ability, but she was just not at her best last night. She did manage to hit some high notes, but nothing compared to her past performances.  Like I said earlier, she did look great and her body looks amazing!!! I dont know maybe last night was just  a bad night for Miss Blige!

Kelly Rowland

In my opinion Kelly Rowland was one of the best performers of the night! Her voice sounded amazing and she looked amazing! I don’t think anyone was thinking about Beyonce or Destiny Child when Kelly and Trey hit the stage! Kelly completely owned the stage and showed that Mrs. Carter is not the only former member of Destiny Childs that can get down and show out!  I just hope Kelly can follow up with another song as successful as “Motivation” cause she cant keep sining that one for the next 2 years. Continue reading ‘2011 BET AWARDS REVIEW’


Ice Cube goes on 106 and Park and Rosci tries to talk slick!

Ice Cube went on 106 and Park yesterday to talk about his new movie “Lottery Ticket” and his new show that is coming out on TBS, as soon as he gets on the stage Rosci says ” You must have not stepped outside today, its like 80 degrees and you got on a hoodie!” As you know Ice cube gone come right back and snap on you real quick, his reply was, “You know I’m Ice Cube I keep it cool so don’t worry about it!!” LMAO!!! Rocsi first of all that is rude to say to someone! How about whats up Cube? How you doing? to start off your conversations! Plus when Rick Ross and dem be coming on there with those hot azz leather jackets you don’t say that to them!



Toya who is the baby mama of one of the biggest rap stars Lil Wayne, and now has become a star in her own right thanks to her hit show on BET “Tiny and Toya” Is stepping out on her own and doing big things! When people think of Toya now they no longer just think of her as another one of Lil Wayne’s baby mothers! So shouts out to Toya for handling her business and  Toya recently cut her hair and got a set of veneers which are thin shells that are put over the teeth which creates the perfect Hollywood smile and she look beautiful!!


Justin Bieber gets laughed at then bumps his head LOL!

During a recent announcement for The BET AWARDS for the category of BEST NEW ARTIST the announcer stated that Justin Bieber is nominated for Best New Artist and the room started laughing and then on top of that Justin Bieber forgets how a revolving door works, check out the video below lol It’s okay JB we all have bloopers sometime!

10 interviews Dariel from the Frankie and Neffie Show

1)Sen1989:Ok we all know that you are a top stylist and makeup artist but when did you discover that this is what you wanted to do?

I Discovered I wanted to be a stylist at a very young age. After watching my Aunt Carmen style hair and seeing the reaction of women when she was done, I felt it was magical. And I wanted that kind of power.

2.) Sen1989:What adversities did you face as a guy wanting to work in an industry that the African-American culture is so tough on?

Funny you ask that because when I started hair school I quickly dropped out at the age of 14 because of the other guys in school calling me gay. It really made me feel like it was something wrong with men doing hair. But just as fast as I dropped out of hair school I quickly started working at a salon under a apprenticeship to pursue my dream.

3)Sen1989:Did your family support your goals and dreams?

My family is so supportive of me and play a major role in my life. I have to say I have one of the best family support system in this world!

4)Sen1989: We all saw you so much on the Frankie and Neffie show. How did you meet Frankie and Neffie?

I met Frankie and Neffe at the Boutique/Salon called “Seven Over Escape”.

5.Sen1989:Did being on the show help out your career?

Oh Heavens yes. Lol. I actually was first seen on BET-J “Tears Shears & Beauty” then on “Keyshia Cole – The Way It Is” doing Neffe’s hair in Vegas for her birthday. Then on to the “Frankie & Neffe” show.

6.)Sen1989:Was everything on the show real? Like how real is a reality show?

Every SINGLE thing. Now they may edit things to make it look a certain way but what be filmed is actual events taking place!

7) Sen1989:Also is Frankie as over the top as BET portrayed her as?

Yes FRANKIE is FRANKIE 24/7 trust me, But I love and can respect a person that doesn’t change for another motherfucker. A lot of people in this industry get lost and forget who the FUCK they are.

8.)Sen1989:I know you do Neffie’s makeup but is Frankie also one of your clients?

Im Neffe’s Hair and Make-up stylist (YES), but I am not Frankies hair and make-up stylist (NO).

9.)Sen1989: What other celebrity has helped you, like giving you contacts and referrals to other people?

Ill Have to say Kandi, Priscilla Renea, Tiffany Evans, D. Woods, Shanell, Mika Means, Adrienne bailon Isis,etc have all someway somehow helped me out with my career.

10.) Sen1989:Has any celebrity tried to holla at you since seeing you on the show?

Lol, NO, and even if they have, “I DON’T “Kiss and Tell”

11.)Sen1989: Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is really myself! I like to push myself,and be pushed to no limit. However I have influences like Mary J. Blige and Lil Kim who I Really would love to work with,even tell them how much they have influenced me to want to work harder.

12.)Sen1989: Do you only do celebrity makeup and hair? If not Where can people come if they want to get their hair and makeup done?

That’s so funny you ask that. Because I been getting this question a lot lately. NO I style any and every woman that has money hair. Im Located at the “GLAMBAR SALON” Located at 244 Peters str. ATl Ga 30313. It’s an upscale salon and we do have a celebrity clientel however we service everyone.

13.)Sen1989: I saw you and Isis from AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL hanging out, How did you meet her?

Yes that’s my baby, we hosted a show together in Baltimore Md at the “Velvet Rope” That was our first time meeting and we connected instantly. I Love her.

14) Sen1989: Dariel I know a lot of other people out there striving to get in the same field that you are in, What advice would you give to them?

Not to sound Cliché or anything, but really staying true to yourself and standing strong in what you believe in by holding GOD’S hand in FAITH that you can and will. Have your Lawn Mower ready to cut the grass, because the snakes will try their best to strike against you.

15.)Sen1989: Whats one thing that people would never guess about you?

Hmmmmmm? That im a VERY (safe) sexual person. I love sex and pleasing who im with. That’s all ill say {Blushes}

15.)Sen1989: Lastly now that you have been interviewed by me are you going to get everyone to read LMAO!!!!

Ofcourse I will


What happened to Justin Walker from Baldwin Hills?

Do you all remember Justin from Baldwin Hills? I thought he would really blow up and become a real celeb, but alot of people have wondered where has he been lately?


Sen1989 Mo’nique Show Expierence!!


I got to take a visit to the Mo’nique show and I had a lot of fun! The show is taped in Atlanta so I had to go check it out. Once inside the studio everyone was anxiously awaiting Monique’s arrival. She had a great comedian by the name of Jerod that came by and asked your name and what you do for a living…..just to get the crowd warmed up….Also I was in the front section with Joyce Latell and Lil  Bankhead who both work for one of Atlanta’s hottest radio stations V-103. Rodney who is  Mo’nique’s  side kick on the show was also funny and kept the crowd crunk.  Also I got to see 3 of the greatest rappers all on one stage Coolio, Baby, and Mack Maine.  People think Mo’nique screams a lot but, well she do talk loud LOL so I can’t dispute that one, but she is real cool and down to earth and wanted everyone to have a good time and even apologized to the audience if her crew were experiencing technical difficulties. I even got to dance on the top platform with 4 other people while JaySean, Mack Maine and Baby performed.  I know alot of people don’t like The Mo’Nique Show but I realized that she is the first FEMALE (LATE NITE) African-American host and she is making history, so whether we hate her screaming voice or not we need to support her and  show that we got her back.


Monica New Reality Show!!!

Tiny & Monica Reveal Reality Show PlansAs we all know Monica will have a new  reality show on BET called “Still Standing”. Still Standing is a acontinuation of what we saw on the one hour special “The Single”.  Mo is currently in Vegas recording (and partying it up) with Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox.  She wanted everyone to know that her new album is coming soon and she has been taking her time choosing the right material for the album because she doesn’t want her fans to feel cheated. Go Monica do your thang!!


The Monique Show!!

Queen of Comedy Mo’Nique now has her own talk show, which debuted last night on BET. The opening show was an emotional one for Mo’Nique, who teared up on a couple different occasions. The show is taped in Atlanta and features a live band with plus-sized dancers.

Mo’Nique was extremely overwhelmed when presented with Atlanta’s Phoenix Award by Atlanta mayor, Shirley Franklin. Mayor Franklin made a guest appearance but departed shortly thereafter. Mo’Nique’s first guest was fellow comedian Steve Harvey. Harvey discussed his new book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. They emotionally discussed the first time they met 16 years ago in a comedy club parking lot, and Steve praised Mo’Nique for having come this far in her career. Singer Monica made an appearance and discussed her upcoming reality show and singer Jeremih performed.

The high-spirited comedienne definitely made the show interesting, as she was hardly able to contain her enthusiasm. The show has been a project in the works for years and has finally come to life on BET. This is Mo’Nique’s first stint as a talk show host. She has hosted the BET awards on multiple occasions and has also hosted The Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School. Mo’Nique also has a book out entitled Skinny Women Are Evil and a cookbook, called Skinny Cooks Can’t Be Trusted. She will also be starring in the upcoming film, Precious. You can catch the Mo’Nique show weeknights at 11/10c on BET.Monique

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Best Hip Hop Collabo

  • Jim Jones & Ron Browz f/ Juelz SantanaJim Jones & Ron Browz f/ Juelz Santana”Pop Champagne”
  • Lil Wayne f/ Bobby Valentino”Mrs. Officer”
  • Rick Ross f/ John Legend”Magnificent”
  • T.I. f/ Rihanna”Live Your Life”
  • Young Jeezy f/ Kanye West”Put On”

Lyricist of the Year

DrakeEminemJay-ZLil WayneKanye West

Best Hip Hop Blog

All Hip Hop

Nah Right

This Is 50

World Star Hip Hop



CD of the Year


“The Renaissance”Q-Tip

“Paper Trail” T.I.

“808s & Heartbreak” Kanye West

“The Recession” Young Jeezy

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