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SB Shades Winter Collection!!!

When I got a chance to preview the new winter SB Shades I was like whoa these are some dope designs, I knew I had to post these amazing eye wear peices. So many celebs have been rocking thsese designs like Toya ( Tiny and Toya) and Legacy of the (New Boyz). If you don’t have you a pair yet, you better head over to !!!


Sen1989 Interviews STEVIE BOI!!



I recently did a exclusive interview with the great upcoming designer SteveBoi !! Check it out here:

Sen1989:  Steve Boi thank you so much for doing this interview, I know
your very busy, With so many styles already out, how did you come up
with your unique designs?

Thanks! and i really appreciate you interviewing me! I came up with my
designs easily just playing around with fabrics and a hot glue gun.

Sen1989: Did you always know that you wanted to be a designer?

In many aspects i did! but as of last year i decided to tottaly claim
my self as a designer to atleast get my name in the buinsess.

Sen1989: I have seen a lot of celebs rocking the Steve Boi sunglasses
like Steph Jones and Eva Marcille. What celeb were you most excited to
see wearing your designs?

I would love love love to see Grace Jones rock them! that would put me
in a Coma.

Sen1989: All of your sunglasses are handmade?…wow! Is that hard to do Mr.Boi?
Actually the ones that are handmade now, are the ones made for the
celebs. the ones that are made for my amazing customers are made in my
but yes their still done by hand.

Sen1989: Alof of people don’t know this but you have recorded a few
song too right?

yes im also a musician traveled the world Blah blah boring! but my
music is another great way i express my self.

Sen1989: Will you be doing any advertising? I am sure a lot people
would love to model your designs.

at the moment im only working with celebs to advertise to ensure i
break the ice between diffrent communites and backgrounds. Also im
working with a mass media company to put up a billboard in Newyork.

Sen1989: Well thank you Mr.Steve Boi for sitting down and doing this
exclusive interview with me! Where can people buy your cool collection

people can buy all of the New exclusive glasses at
All the glasses range from $15.00 to 60 bucks! you get the same ones
you see your favorite celebs rock in their music videos and
photoshoots, and soon movies! 😉

Thanks Steve Boi for the interview and remember everyone you got this story here first and check back in a week for my interview with J-Boog!!!

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