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What did rapper Fabolous buy for his birthday??

  Rapper Faboulous aka LOSO encase you didn’t know so, has no problem spending his hard-earned money.  For his birthday he bought himself what looks like a 2011 Bentley continental. Dang FAB I didn’t know you was doing it like that!!   CHECK IT OUT BELOW!!!


10 reader goes to BONE THUGZ-N-Harmony Concert!!

One of my very loyal readers and followers MR KRAYZIE BOI went to a recent BONE THUGZ-N-HARMONY concert and he gave the exclusive scoop on what happened, and here is what he had to say

“The concert was the {censored]. Only 4 out of 5 members where there Krayzie bone, Layzie bone, Wish -n-bone and Flesh-n-bone… Bizzy bone didn’t show up they never said as to why he wasn’t there. They did their world greatest hits from 1994 track Foe the love $ and which they welcome home flesh -N-bone 10years he’s been gone.

They gave alot of shot outs to Eazy E, 2pac, Biggy, and the late MJ.  The other tracks they did where Notrious thugs, Thuggish ruggish bone, 1st of the month, Thug Luv, Weed song,The cross roads,Days of our livez and one of their latest see me shine from their lastest album “Worlds Enemy” which came out may 4 2010. As they perfromed See me shine they introuduced their artist Jay rush dude sounds just like lyfe jennings.
Layzie bone and flesh-n-bone are suppose to have an album called the Howse boys (because of their last name) or their record label is called that but they introuduced a new artist to their team.
Also known fact about Bone thugs-n-harmony Layzie bone(steven) is Flesh (stanly) younger brother.  Bone had the crowd hype they also threw water into the crowd. It’s been a Min but i am here to say that the Bone thugs are backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.” ( follow MR KRAZIE BOI

These Rappers Going to jail!!

It is really crazy how all these rappers are going to  jail at the pinnacle of their careers! A lot of  people want to see these great hip-hop artist fail, so that should motivate them to do whats necessary to prove the haters wrong and keep the rap game on lock! Right now there is T.I., Lil Wayne, Lil  Boosie and Gucci Mane. Hopefully they learn and become even better and greater MC’s. What do you think about this? Leave a comment cause I really do want to know how you all feel!


50 Cent New Album !

Before I Self Destruct is the fourth studio album to be released by 50 cent, the album is his final solo release with his current contract with interscope records. 50 cent said he named the album Before I Self Destruct because “it could potentially happen” and he stated that “hands down it will be the best record of the time period.” His hit single “Baby By Me” was produced by ATL’s Pow Low Da Don!  If you have not picked up a cd check out the track listing below:

Track listing

# Title Producer(s) Length
1. “The Invitation”   Ty Fyffe 2:54
2. “Then Days Went By”   Lab Ox 3:44
3. “Death to My Enemies”   Dr. Dre, Mark Batson 3:46
4. “So Disrespectful”   Tha Bizness 3:39
5. “Psycho” (featuring Eminem) Dr. Dre 4:45
6. “Hold Me Down”   Team Ready, J Keys 3:19
7. “Crime Wave”   Team Demo 3:44
8. “Stretch”   Rick Rock 4:07
9. “Strong Enough”   Nascent, QB Da Problem 3:02
10. “Get It Hot” (featuring Lloyd Banks) Black Key 2:59
11. “Gangsta’s Delight”   Havoc 3:14
12. “I Got Swag”   Dual Output 3:34
13. Baby by Me” (featuring Ne-Yo) Polow da Don 3:33
14. “Do You Think About Me”   Rockwilder 3:26
15. “Ok, You’re Right”   Dr. Dre, Mark Batson 3:04
16. “Could’ve Been You” (featuring R. Kelly) DJ Khalil 4:20

Sen1989 Hot Item: Beats By Dre !!


Enjoy rich, professional-quality sound when you listen to your favorite jams using these powered noise-canceling headphones developed in collaboration with artist Dr. Dre. 40mm drivers and Powered Isolation technology deliver deep bass and reduce external noise to make your music rock.

Product Features

  • Powered Isolation technology actively reduces external noise for crystal-clear sound; advanced speaker design
  • Extra-large 40mm drivers deliver rich transient response
  • Powered digital amplification provides wide, natural sound with deep bass
  • Headband with hinged ear cups and ultrasoft, breathable plush ear pads is comfortable to wear
  • Monster Quadripole headphone cable for reduced interference and expressive sound
  • Includes Monster iSoniTalk headphone cable with integrated microphone and answer button for use with iPhone, Blackberry and other music-enabled cell phones
  • Push to Listen mute button lets you talk on your cell phone without removing the headphones
  • Folding design for go-anywhere portability
  • Includes 2 AAA batteries, antimicrobial cleaning cloth, iSoniTalk cell phone cable, 1/8″-to-1/4″ headphone adapter and protective case

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Gucci Mane featuring Usher

Click Here To Listen!gm_spotlight_singlecover


Unsigned Hype: Flostorm

flostormFlostorm has been showing just how lyrical he can be by placing songs on his myspace page and on imeem. After looking on Flostorm’s myspace page, I decied to listen to one of his songs and thats when his song “Allspark” caught my attention!TO LISTEN TO THE SONG  click here—->” ALLSPARK” You can check out more music on his myspace page or follow him on twitter

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