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5 Hour Energy Review

As you know guys lately I am studying very hard in college. I am constantly working. Sometimes I just find myself completely out of energy. Its like I have to stretch myself so thin in order to complete all the task I need to get done each day. So, I  was in Publix one day and I saw a pack of 5 hour energy. I immediately grabbed it. I waited until night to drink it. Around 8:00 pm I drunk the sour concoction and immediately I felt a boosty of energy. I was up dancing, doing the moonwalk and the robot. I completed all my homework and had time to play around on facebook, but this is where the bad part kicks in. Soon after taking the 5 hour energy. I got so sick, I felt like I was going to pass out, my heart was racing, I could literally feel my pulse beating in the temple of my head. I was so dizzy. It was the worst feeling. I will never take 5 hour energy again! If I ever need a boost I will just drink a normal cup of coffee. I give 5 hour energy a big FAIL!!!!!


Rihanna and Matt Kemp Split!!!

According to Reports the hot couple Rihanna and Matt Kemp have called it quits, after dating each other for quite some time and vacationing on islands half-naked, it seems as though the couple finally realized that they were not right for each other.  Published reports are stating that Matt Kemp is tired of Rihanna’s busy schedule and that he feels they don’t spend enough time together.  I didn’t think this relationship would late anyway because I hate to say this but I think Matt Kemp was just Rihanna’s recovery or rebound guy after her big publicized argument with former boyfriend Chris Brown and when you start seeing someone just to heal the wounds of a past relationship IT NEVER WORKS OUT.  So I guess another one bites the dust.  Rhi Rhi sure has a thing for the light-skinned bruthas check out the light-skinned fellows she has been linked to below:


What rapper is this? Known for his toothy smile?

Find Out Below who he is!! Continue reading ‘What rapper is this? Known for his toothy smile?’


Is this hairstyle a bit much for a child?

This little girl is Eddie Murphys and Mel B (formerly of the Spice Girls) daughter and she is a cute girl but I am not quite sure that hairstyle is working?  What do you think?


miss sophia fired from v103!!!

V-103 has not renewed the contract of Miss Sophia (nee Joe Taylor), who was part of the Frank and Wanda morning show.

In an interview today, Miss Sophia said he wasn’t given any real reason why the station chose to drop him beyond “we want to go in a different direction.” That’s the equivalent of saying, “It’s not you, it’s me” in personal relationships.

Miss Sophia was the first drag queen to be a regular on Atlanta radio. He spent more than four years at V-103 doing the entertainment report when Frank and Wanda remained the dominant No. 1 show in the city.

His closer has become a classic: “When I talk, you talk, we talk, that’s girrrrrl talk on the people’s station, V to the 103.” He trills the “three” with gusto.

“I’m not shocked,” Miss Sophia said. He said he saw the signs that things were coming to an end but didn’t get into details. (I’m in New York today and he was leaving town, so we’ll try to meet next week and talk in more detail.)

I left messages with Frank Ski and Wanda Smith. No responses yet.

“I’m emotionally okay,” Miss Sophia said. “I’m going to weigh my options. I can do movies. I can do TV. I can do radio.”

“I grew as a person,” he added. “I learned a lot. I met a lot of people and appreciate the relationships I built. But I’m excited about the future, too.” I think everyone will miss Miss Sophia on the Frank and Wanda Morning Show! From what I have read, Miss Sophia was the only reason alot of people listened to the show! Hopefully she can  get back on her feet and find her place at another radio show!



Groupie Kat Stacks gets slapped!


Kat Stacks is the groupie that has exposed all the rappers that she has been with, from Bow Wow to Jay Rock to Nelly.  This time Kat Stacks  seemed to be in a restaurant minding her own business when some guys rolled up on her! Check out the video for yourself!

Check out what Kat Stacks tweeted below in response to her attackers


Ice Cube goes on 106 and Park and Rosci tries to talk slick!

Ice Cube went on 106 and Park yesterday to talk about his new movie “Lottery Ticket” and his new show that is coming out on TBS, as soon as he gets on the stage Rosci says ” You must have not stepped outside today, its like 80 degrees and you got on a hoodie!” As you know Ice cube gone come right back and snap on you real quick, his reply was, “You know I’m Ice Cube I keep it cool so don’t worry about it!!” LMAO!!! Rocsi first of all that is rude to say to someone! How about whats up Cube? How you doing? to start off your conversations! Plus when Rick Ross and dem be coming on there with those hot azz leather jackets you don’t say that to them!


Justin Bieber gets laughed at then bumps his head LOL!

During a recent announcement for The BET AWARDS for the category of BEST NEW ARTIST the announcer stated that Justin Bieber is nominated for Best New Artist and the room started laughing and then on top of that Justin Bieber forgets how a revolving door works, check out the video below lol It’s okay JB we all have bloopers sometime!


Kat Stacks puts BOW WOW on blast!

Kat Stacks has had the internet going crazy lately, this girl went from 9,000 followers to 29,000 followers in like a week! She has been featured on some of the top blogging sites like and THE INSIDER!!! Now this girl is putting BOW WOW and blast and turning his fans away from him! If you read the tweets above you can see some of the things she was saying about Bow Wow and even Jo Jo simmons went in on Bow Wow! Also according to Kat Stacks is 12 weeks pregnant with Bow’s baby which JoJo Simmons named KatDog,..LMAO!!! She even posted a new story about Bow Wow on her blog at……… That is crazy!!!


Do you guys remember the kid from Everybody hates Chris?

Tequan Richmond played Chris little brother on the CW show Evertybody Hates Chris but check out how Tequan is thuggin it out now

Continue reading ‘Do you guys remember the kid from Everybody hates Chris?’

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