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LaLa’s Son Kiyan has the best Baby Sitters in the world

When most parents leave their kids to go on a romantic dates their baby sitters are the average teen looking for a quick buck, but not for Kiyan who is LaLa and Carmelo Anthony’s son. When Kiyan needs a baby sitter, Lala and Carmelo have a slew of celebrity friends to call up. Check out the pics below for proof….. Kiyan you have the coolest baby sitters in the world!!

Here is Kiyan with R&B superstar CIARA

Here is Kiyan with Rapper/Pop Singer Nicki Minaj

Here is Kiyan with Platinum selling rapper Nelly

Here is Kiyan with Reality Star Kim Kardashian

and of course Kiyan hangs out with his superstar dad Carmelo Anthony


Oprah’s New OWN network!

Oprah may have quit her award winning talk-show, however she has not quit growing her vast media empire. The O empire includes, Her OWN network, a successful magazine, and a slew of talk shows produced under Oprah’s Harpo Productions. This foxy lady is not slowing down anytime soon! Take a look at the picture above, Oprah is running her company with just a bottle of water, a pen, and a calculator. No fancy computer for this media queen. Miss O if ever need an assistant, Im your guy!!


Who has the best fries Wendy’s or McDonalds?

As we all know Wendy’s just introduced their new Natural cut french fries with sea salt. When I first tried these fries I was like whoa, these are way better than McDonald’s! The new Wendy’s fries has a great flavor and just the right amount of salt and plus they taste like real potato fries and not just processed gunk. I will never let my McDonald fried down, but Wendy’s definitely stepped up their game with this new creation!


The Group Mindless Behavior is dope!

I am a fan of the group MINDLESS BEHAVIOR, there song MY GIRL is always on repeat, the tune is just really catchy! I hope that his group can stay together and continue to be good friends, because I dont want to see them end up like B2K!! I think MINDLESS BEHAVIOR is a little more organized than B2k though…. 


Shoutout to all the hard workers!!

The other day I was over my friend’s house and I looked out the window and I saw these construction workers working so hard. They were digging up the concrete and hauling sand back and fourth. A that moment my mind said, “boy I would never want to have to do work like that!” So I want to give a shout out to all the men and women that have to do hard work like this each and every day. Can you imagine being the garbage man???? Like the garbage men should get paid $2,000 per week! If you have any pictures of yourself working hard send a TWITPIC to me @SEN1989 ON TWITTER!! AND I WILL DEFINATLY POST THEM ON MY SITE…. YOU WILL BE VIEWED BY OVER 200,000 PEOPLE…..


Whats Your favorite Christmas Memory?

Whats that one special Christmas moment that you will never forget, no matter how old you get? Was it catching Santa putting presents under the tree? Was it leaving the cookies out for Santa to eat?

Mt favorite memory has to be Continue reading ‘Whats Your favorite Christmas Memory?’


Who are these Celebs as Kids?

Who are these future R&B Singers? Continue reading ‘Who are these Celebs as Kids?’

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