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LaLa’s Son Kiyan has the best Baby Sitters in the world

When most parents leave their kids to go on a romantic dates their baby sitters are the average teen looking for a quick buck, but not for Kiyan who is LaLa and Carmelo Anthony’s son. When Kiyan needs a baby sitter, Lala and Carmelo have a slew of celebrity friends to call up. Check out the pics below for proof….. Kiyan you have the coolest baby sitters in the world!!

Here is Kiyan with R&B superstar CIARA

Here is Kiyan with Rapper/Pop Singer Nicki Minaj

Here is Kiyan with Platinum selling rapper Nelly

Here is Kiyan with Reality Star Kim Kardashian

and of course Kiyan hangs out with his superstar dad Carmelo Anthony


Oprah’s New OWN network!

Oprah may have quit her award winning talk-show, however she has not quit growing her vast media empire. The O empire includes, Her OWN network, a successful magazine, and a slew of talk shows produced under Oprah’s Harpo Productions. This foxy lady is not slowing down anytime soon! Take a look at the picture above, Oprah is running her company with just a bottle of water, a pen, and a calculator. No fancy computer for this media queen. Miss O if ever need an assistant, Im your guy!!


2011 BET AWARDS REVIEW (Continued)

Mr.Wildman Chris Brown

Chris Brown did okay, but he was not as energetic as he usually is on stage. I am use to seeing Chris really work the stage and show some slick dance moves. I dont think Chris Brown gave it his all at the 2011 BET Awards. On the up-side, Chris Brown did sound amazing and actually sung live instead of lip synching.



Ace Hood did great! I think he was really invested in his performance and it showed. His hit single “Hustle Hard” peaked at #60 on the Hot 100 billboard.


I think Weezy did okay, but he lip synched his who performance! I really dont blame him though for lip synching cause he just didnt want to sound horrible like some of the other artist that peformed (who I wont mention) lol

Rick Ross

Ross is the sh&t, all of his performance were great! Ross also rapped live and did not resort to lip synching, and he still sounded like he did on the radio. Of course he had to open the shirt and let his stomach and chest swing free, but he would not be the biggest boss if he did not do this!

Trey Songz

 Trey Song is nice as hell. I got a chance to meet his a couple years ago, however his performance at the BET AWARDS was subpar. I dont know what kind of notes Trey was trying to hit, but he missed all of them lol.  Plus everyone is tired of Trey ripping his shirt off, let yo talent do the talking for a while Trey.

On Nicki Minaj winning Best Female Hip Hop Artist:

I feel like BET suck major a$$ for putting Nicki Minaj in a category with Cymphonique, Lola Monroe, and Diamond knowing that Nicki Minaj was going to win! Its like they practically just gave her the award. I think they could have atleast put Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Eve or somebody that could have stood on grounds as succeful as Nicki Minaj. I do think the people that were in the category with her had talent, although they were in no comparison to Miss Nicki Minaj. Then BET gone let Jade Smith and Willow Smith both win the same awards. That was so BULL Sh*T!!!!! LOL



 I got a chance to kick back from my busy schedule and watch the BET AWARDS last night. The awards were ok, however again BET did disappoint me because some things were below standards.  Many of the performers were very low and their voices were so shaky and so diffrent from the actual song. I guess noone can point the finger at BET though because some of the talent couldn’t actually perform. I will give a review of some of the performances last night (in no specific order)

First let start with the host, comedian Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart, was an okay host. He is usually funnier when he is doing his own stand-up comedy, however I think he did an overall good job.  Kevin started the show with a stomp the yard type routine which he peformed with he group of youngsters that were almost the same height as him LOL.  Kevin did not hold back his comments on any of the star that attented the awards.  For example, Kevin made comments about Neyo’s head,  Rick Ross’ chest,  P.Diddy being to old to have nickname, and Jaden Smith’s leopard tight pants!  I would have like to see Kevin Hart and Lil Duval host the show together, or Lil Duval and Charlamagne Tha God, now that would be funny!!!

Mary J Blige

Mary did ok, but she usually really delivers in the voice department! She looked amazing as usually, however her voice did not sound as great. I really like Mary and I am not discrediting her singing ability, but she was just not at her best last night. She did manage to hit some high notes, but nothing compared to her past performances.  Like I said earlier, she did look great and her body looks amazing!!! I dont know maybe last night was just  a bad night for Miss Blige!

Kelly Rowland

In my opinion Kelly Rowland was one of the best performers of the night! Her voice sounded amazing and she looked amazing! I don’t think anyone was thinking about Beyonce or Destiny Child when Kelly and Trey hit the stage! Kelly completely owned the stage and showed that Mrs. Carter is not the only former member of Destiny Childs that can get down and show out!  I just hope Kelly can follow up with another song as successful as “Motivation” cause she cant keep sining that one for the next 2 years. Continue reading ‘2011 BET AWARDS REVIEW’


Chris Brown Has a Twin Brother!!

No. this is not Chris Brown’s real twin brother but since the Pop star dyed his hair doesn’t he bare a striking resemblace to Sean from BEVERLY HILLS FABOLOUS on C



Tyler has taken notice to the major publicity that reality star Snooki creates. Snooki is the crazy popular cast member of the hit show JERSEY SHORE, she was recently featured on Rollling Stone Magazine so he decided to use her for his new movie poster promoting Madea’s Big Happy Family which hits theaters April 22, 2011. The picture is hilarious!  I really hope that you guys go see Tyler’s new movie! I had the pleasure of meeting him and working with him and he truly is a nice guy!

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Lil Playboii Interview !!!!!!


I got a chance to sit down with new hot rapper Lil Playboii, we talked about everything and I got to learn a lot about the man who has been creating trends in hip-hop for years behind the scenes.  In this interview Lil Playboii talked about everything from how he got started as a rapper, kat stacks and souljaboy, and Nene from the THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA.  You just got to read on to find out more! Continue reading ‘Lil Playboii Interview !!!!!!’


Chris Brown admits naked picture is really him!

Chris Brown has been doing a lot of promotion lately for his new album F.A.M.E and no matter what radio station he goes to, the number one thing on everybody mind is “Tell us about this naked picture that got leaked!”   Chris is real down to earth about the whole situation, but Chris did admit that the picture is actually him encase any of you may have thought it was a fake. Chris also said on THE RICKEY SMILEY MORNING SHOW that he is a celebrity and is always in the public eye, so he really is not buggin out about the leaked picture.  He also stated that he is not trying to start a trend with major celebrities leaking nude pictures. Chris also went on BIG BOI IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD radio show and was asked how in the world did he end up taking that nude picture. Chris said he was in the shower and when he got out and dried off, he decided to take the picture to send to a special someone.  Chris was also asked if he was excited in the picture and he said “No”   That was a mess, why was Big Boi asking him all those personal questions? Its like he was really interested in the picture (side eye) lol just playing but I think Chris Brown leaked that picture himself.


Are you feeling Chris Brown’s Blonde Hair?

Chris Brown is getting ready to debut his new album F.A.M.E. As we know, when any celebrity is about to release their album sometimes they resort to doing some crazy and foolish things for publicity. Chris Brown recently dyed his hair blonde.  I personally don’t think it looks bad. As soon as I saw Chris with this blonde hair I was thinking I bet a lot of guys about to start dying their hair LOL….. I guess we need to start calling him BREEZY MONROE!


Rihanna and Matt Kemp Split!!!

According to Reports the hot couple Rihanna and Matt Kemp have called it quits, after dating each other for quite some time and vacationing on islands half-naked, it seems as though the couple finally realized that they were not right for each other.  Published reports are stating that Matt Kemp is tired of Rihanna’s busy schedule and that he feels they don’t spend enough time together.  I didn’t think this relationship would late anyway because I hate to say this but I think Matt Kemp was just Rihanna’s recovery or rebound guy after her big publicized argument with former boyfriend Chris Brown and when you start seeing someone just to heal the wounds of a past relationship IT NEVER WORKS OUT.  So I guess another one bites the dust.  Rhi Rhi sure has a thing for the light-skinned bruthas check out the light-skinned fellows she has been linked to below:

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