2011 BET AWARDS REVIEW (Continued)

Mr.Wildman Chris Brown

Chris Brown did okay, but he was not as energetic as he usually is on stage. I am use to seeing Chris really work the stage and show some slick dance moves. I dont think Chris Brown gave it his all at the 2011 BET Awards. On the up-side, Chris Brown did sound amazing and actually sung live instead of lip synching.



Ace Hood did great! I think he was really invested in his performance and it showed. His hit single “Hustle Hard” peaked at #60 on the Hot 100 billboard.


I think Weezy did okay, but he lip synched his who performance! I really dont blame him though for lip synching cause he just didnt want to sound horrible like some of the other artist that peformed (who I wont mention) lol

Rick Ross

Ross is the sh&t, all of his performance were great! Ross also rapped live and did not resort to lip synching, and he still sounded like he did on the radio. Of course he had to open the shirt and let his stomach and chest swing free, but he would not be the biggest boss if he did not do this!

Trey Songz

 Trey Song is nice as hell. I got a chance to meet his a couple years ago, however his performance at the BET AWARDS was subpar. I dont know what kind of notes Trey was trying to hit, but he missed all of them lol.  Plus everyone is tired of Trey ripping his shirt off, let yo talent do the talking for a while Trey.

On Nicki Minaj winning Best Female Hip Hop Artist:

I feel like BET suck major a$$ for putting Nicki Minaj in a category with Cymphonique, Lola Monroe, and Diamond knowing that Nicki Minaj was going to win! Its like they practically just gave her the award. I think they could have atleast put Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Eve or somebody that could have stood on grounds as succeful as Nicki Minaj. I do think the people that were in the category with her had talent, although they were in no comparison to Miss Nicki Minaj. Then BET gone let Jade Smith and Willow Smith both win the same awards. That was so BULL Sh*T!!!!! LOL

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