Lil Playboii Interview !!!!!!


I got a chance to sit down with new hot rapper Lil Playboii, we talked about everything and I got to learn a lot about the man who has been creating trends in hip-hop for years behind the scenes.  In this interview Lil Playboii talked about everything from how he got started as a rapper, kat stacks and souljaboy, and Nene from the THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA.  You just got to read on to find out more!
SEN1989: Growing up as a kid, did you know u wanted to be a rapper?

LILPLAYBOII: as a kid one thing thats for sure is that i wanted the rap lifestyle.. the cars, jewelry, all the money and pretty ladies! lol but yeah pretty much i new i would i wanted to be a rapper at the age of 10. 
SEN1989:Who were some of your inspirations?

LILPLAYBOII:my biggest inspiration is Tupac.i can relate to so much of his music. but i have many, many, many others.. from my mother to my favorite rapper lil wayne

SEN1989:How did you meet Souljaboy?

LILPLAYBOII:i met souljaboy threw myspace. me and my group “Cash Camp” was the biggest myspace unsigned artist in Ga and he was the biggest in Miss. So he hit us up one day about a collab and this had to be like 2006 before “Crank Dat”. I ended Up Hearing “Crank Dat” on his Myspace Page and liked the beat so much i can up with a dance for it and put it on youtube. The Video Got over 2 million views a 2 months. Souljaboy Ended Up Making my dance the official dance for Crank Dat Souljaboy and put me and my group on the road with him as hype men and dancers 
SEN1989:Are you signed to SODMG?
LILPLAYBOII:No I am not signed to SODMG or any label. Once my single “Make Her Mine” blew up all around the south eastern air waves we where negotiating out and contract. i got about 4 deals on the tape and the SODMG deal Souljaboy wanted to do wasn’t what i want at the time so i had to turn it down.
SEN1989:How did you feel about the whole Souljaboy and Kat Stacks situation?

LILPLAYBOII:What Crazy is that Kat Stacks did the same thing to one of Souljaboy artist “Jbar” so for Soulja to even fool around with that girl after that is just crazy to me. If you roll around in dirt you will get dirty.

SEN1989:Is souljaboy really into drugs like Kat stacks claims? (answer or no comment)

LILPLAYBOII:i dont know any thing about what souljaboy and what he sticks up his nose, but i know he stays blowing that rich nigga kush like a how a rich nigga should!
SEN1989:Do you watch the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA? Would you date NENE Lmao??

LILPLAYBOII:Yeah. that show is pretty funny. and HELLLLLL NAW!!!! Ne Ne is too LOUD for me. and too OLD!!!! cmon son im 21 lol i like a lowkey freak that makes 100,000$ of more. Don’t get me wrong Ne Ne got that cake. but she dont have everything i like in a woman
SEN1989:So tell me about this new hot song “make her mine” thats been getting alot of radio play lately?

LILPLAYBOII:Make Her Mine is the first single of my new Album coming Fall this year. its produced by DJ.Spinz and it’s been receiving a lot of positive feed back and probably one of the biggest song out right now by an unsigned artist. No Major No indie.. Just Me!

SEN1989:When can we expect an album from you?

LILPLAYBOII:I planning on releasing  my first studio album this year.. late September early October.

SEN1989:With so many rappers already out there what do you offer new to the game?

LILPLAYBOII:i bring a great music and great shows. if u every been to one of my shows u know what im talkin about. and my music speaks for it self. alot people don’t know but i have been the back bone of Atlanta hip hop for like the past 5 years. Ghost writing to making up dances ive done it all all ready. Plus my music is so much different for other rappers because my lyrics are full with unexpected punch lines and a variety of different crazy flows. I’m like NYC lyricist Mixed up with the new catchy down south style rap and instead of talking gangsters and dope like the most rappers i aim my talent towards women and everyday life situations that the average person can relate to.

SEN1989:What advice do you have for the many people that want to make in the industry?

 LILPLAYBOII:work hard everyday and believe in three things. God, Jesus, and Your self and you can make it any where.

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