5 Hour Energy Review

As you know guys lately I am studying very hard in college. I am constantly working. Sometimes I just find myself completely out of energy. Its like I have to stretch myself so thin in order to complete all the task I need to get done each day. So, I  was in Publix one day and I saw a pack of 5 hour energy. I immediately grabbed it. I waited until night to drink it. Around 8:00 pm I drunk the sour concoction and immediately I felt a boosty of energy. I was up dancing, doing the moonwalk and the robot. I completed all my homework and had time to play around on facebook, but this is where the bad part kicks in. Soon after taking the 5 hour energy. I got so sick, I felt like I was going to pass out, my heart was racing, I could literally feel my pulse beating in the temple of my head. I was so dizzy. It was the worst feeling. I will never take 5 hour energy again! If I ever need a boost I will just drink a normal cup of coffee. I give 5 hour energy a big FAIL!!!!!


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