Sen1989.com interviews CJ Miller from THE ULTIMATE MERGER


Sen1989: Thanks so much Cj for taking the time to do this interview, I hear you were just in Atlanta for the Takers Premeire, How did that go? Did you like the movie?

I thought the Takers was hot. Will and Rob definetly have a hit on their hands.

Sen1989:Ok Cj growing up as a kid you were obese and I have even read reports that your mom called you “Pork Chops”, How did this affect you and help mold you into the person you are today?

This made me a stronger person. It taught me that people will always try to label you something that you’re not. And sometimes those labels as innocent as they may be can even come from loved ones. It also taught to never allow the opinions of another person manager my life, career, or dream expectations.

Sen1989:How was it to grow up with three siblings and living in a single parent home?

Having three siblings meant there were often very aggressive disagreements (fights). But it’s that life experience that has helped to shape my framework of and heighten my value system of women. In my mind, women aren’t the new superhero; they’re the ones that have been saving the world domestically, spiritually, and globally. My mom mother took care of four kids by herself. She didn’t complain. Nor did she ever give off any energy of rejection or resentment that she had us. In short, my single parent experience taught me that women are the past, present, and future. And if you disagree ask yourself what company, organization, and industry can exist without the collective buying power of woman.

Sen1989:Being a overweight kid and having a studdering problem, What motivated you to become a model?

Being a model taught me love, approve, and know self. Being a model, actor, singer, or doing anything in which you give the power to someone’s opinion to define your value is never fun. However, modeling helped me to realized I HAD to approve myself and KNOW that I was enough to accomplish my goals, manifest and my dreams. It also helped my realize in a paramount way that I dictate to people how they will perceived me, not them. When it comes to the studderting. I hated with a passion that I couldn’t say what I wanted to say how I wanted to say it. So I made a deal with God. I told him if he helped me speak I would say whatever he wanted to say, and that I would be a voice for the voiceless, a face for the faceless individuals who haven’t found their voices.

Sen1989:After college you packed up and moved to Los Angeles and caught the attention of Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks!! How did that happen?

I crafted a plan using coffee shops such as Starbucks, McCafe location, and various other coffee shops. I became frustrated waiting on some unseen force to tap me on the shoulder, and award me with my big break. I wanted to be a author, get on television to create a national brand, and I wanted to help other people get their big breaks. So I decided to create my own big break formula. I devised a 3 step-plan in which my goal was to use coffee shops to go around industry gatekeepers and get on national television. However I knew I had to get national television more than once if my book was to be taken seriously. And more importantly then the number of times I knew I had to do it with ease. I’m sure you’re wondering if the information my book works. Let’s just say to date: Within a matter of months I used my blue print to: garner over 20 national television appearances, including key roles on ABC’s hit reality show “True Beauty” and Donald Trump’s latest reality show “The Ultimate Merger”. I was featured three times in one month on the hit daytime talk show Tyra Banks. I also gain a book deal from Pulitzer prize winning author Karen Hunter for my book Grind: How To Turn Your Coffee Break Into Your Big Break slated to hit stores this Fall. And I’m going to be on the cover of the November issue of Rolling Out magazine, and I’ve received the honor to be the first guest editor in the history of the magazine.

Sen1989: One of my twitter followers wants to know (Is it true that you make women buy you drinks etc)? (LOL)

No. That’s trash. That’s what the producers at ABC conjured up in an attempt to make me fit into their ideal portrayal of the person they tried to make me out to be on True Beauty. It’s filth. Spread the word.

Sen1989: Ok lets talk about Omarosa and THE ULTIMATE MERGER! How did you get on that show?

My 3-step six month coffee shop formula. And if you want a line by line detail you’ll have to get my book Grind.

Sen1989: Whats Omarosa really like when the cameras are off?

A person who puts her jeans on just as you or I would.

Sen1989: Were you really feeling Omarosa or were you just there to win the game?

I was there to solidify the information in my book could place me on national television effortlessly once again. I didn’t want their to any mistake about my 3-step 6 month coffee shop plan. And aligning myself with the Trump brand was the cherry on top of it all.

Sen1989: After living with all those guys? Who would you say was your favorite to live with and least favorite and why?

They were all class acts.


Whatever the cameras showed you is exactly what happened. You saw me leaving a room (alone). If there was a woman why wasn’t she on camera?

Sen1989: Have you maintained a relationship with Omarosa and Donald Trump since the show?

O yes. the Don and I are cultivating a relationship right now.

Sen1989: Whats your favorite show CJ that you have been on?

Community Concern. It was my one hour talk show I had when I lived in Ohio. It was on public access, but I loved it!

Sen1989: Whats up next for you Mr.Miller, Any movies? new books? new tv shows that yuo want to promote?

My book tour for Grind. I’ll be making appearances in Texas, New York, Miami, Atlanta, California, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago. And a few other markets.

C.J. Miller
Author | Motivational Speaker
Reality TV Personality:
[True Beauty] [Donald J. Trump Presents The Ultimate Merger]


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