sen1989.com reader goes to BONE THUGZ-N-Harmony Concert!!

One of my very loyal readers and followers MR KRAYZIE BOI went to a recent BONE THUGZ-N-HARMONY concert and he gave sen1989.com the exclusive scoop on what happened, and here is what he had to say

“The concert was the {censored]. Only 4 out of 5 members where there Krayzie bone, Layzie bone, Wish -n-bone and Flesh-n-bone… Bizzy bone didn’t show up they never said as to why he wasn’t there. They did their world greatest hits from 1994 track Foe the love $ and which they welcome home flesh -N-bone 10years he’s been gone.

They gave alot of shot outs to Eazy E, 2pac, Biggy, and the late MJ.  The other tracks they did where Notrious thugs, Thuggish ruggish bone, 1st of the month, Thug Luv, Weed song,The cross roads,Days of our livez and one of their latest see me shine from their lastest album “Worlds Enemy” which came out may 4 2010. As they perfromed See me shine they introuduced their artist Jay rush dude sounds just like lyfe jennings.
Layzie bone and flesh-n-bone are suppose to have an album called the Howse boys (because of their last name) or their record label is called that but they introuduced a new artist to their team.
Also known fact about Bone thugs-n-harmony Layzie bone(steven) is Flesh (stanly) younger brother.  Bone had the crowd hype they also threw water into the crowd. It’s been a Min but i am here to say that the Bone thugs are backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.” ( follow MR KRAZIE BOI

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