Chris Brown on Wendy Williams!

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Chris Brown went on the Wendy Williams show tonight and of course we had no idea what Wendy would ask him, cause we all know how she do LOL, but the interview went smooth, even though it was over in like 5 minutes. Chris literally sat down and answered a few questions and then the interview was over! He did get to answer a few questions. Check out some of the things Chris told Wendy below.

“I’m at a better place now in my life,” Chris Brown said, laughing with the audience about Wendy’s question asking Chris if he got an animal or something to calm him down and help manage anger.

It helped being more down to earth instead of arrogant, Chris answered, saying it helped to control the entities around him to a smaller circle of people. The 20-year-old first met Wendy Williams when he was 15 or 16, Chris Brown said.

“What do you say to people who feel that you don’t act remorseful?” Wendy asked next.

“Well I think the steps that I’ve taken to show that I’m sorry probably have been perceived wrong,” Chris admitted. “Certain things that I’m doing in different interviews — how my posture is, how I’m acting. At the end of the day I’m definitely remorseful; it’s not something I take lightly — thinking like it’s under the rug.”

He went on to explain that the Rihanna situation is a learning lesson: “I really think it’s something that’s a serious matter and I’m learning from.” 


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